ISEKI-Food 2021 Awardees

1 Oral Award sponsored by the ISEKI-Food Association for FEDERICO BASSO from the University of Udine - Italy for his presentation: "Exploring the potentiality of hyperbaric storage to steer hygienic and techno-functional properties of egg white" - EUR 500

1 Poster Award sponsored by FUTURE FOODS for JESSICA BÁEZ from Universidad de la República - Uruguay for her poster: "Nutritional quality of a bread with Brewer’s spent grain addition and bioaccessibility of its antioxidant compounds" - EUR 500

1 Poster Award sponsored by FUTURE FOODS for ATHANASIOS LIMNAIOS from National Technical University of Athens - Greece for his poster: "Effect of acid whey components on lactose crystallization properties" - EUR 500

1 Poster Award sponsored by the ISEKI-Food Association for KRISHNACHANDRA SHARMA HIDANGMAYUM from University of Copenhagen - Denmark for his poster: "Investigating instrumental and sensorial changes in a vegan tomato soup during accelerated storage" - EUR 300

1 Poster Award sponsored by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences - Austria for VICTORIA CABALLERO from TU Dublin - Ireland for her poster: "Mathematical models for the prediction of microbial growth and microbial interaction in fermented food matrixes" - EUR 300

1 Poster Award sponsored by the ISEKI-Food Association for CARLA LA FUENTE ARIAS from Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia - Spain for her poster: "Bio-based films produced with corn starch modified by the dry heat treatment (DHT)" - EUR 200

Poster and Oral Awards for talented Early Stage Researchers 

The competition is open to talented early stage researchers, including students enrolled to any food study programme and degree level, bachelor, master or PhD and post-doc.


To enter the competition, you must mark the competition award participation check box when submitting your abstract. Abstracts can be submitted to any of the sessions of the conference.

Each participant of the competition will be allowed to submit only one abstract, and he/she must be the first author of that abstract and the presenter of the work at the conference.

Students have to upload a scan of their student ID card or a signed letter from the university confirming the student status. Post-docs need to upload a letter from the dean/chair of the institution of affiliation.

The poster/oral presentations in pdf format have to be sent by 13 June 2021 for evaluation to the following email: This applies only for those presentations with Award participation indicated during the submission.

The application will be cancelled if any of the previous conditions are not fulfilled.

Criteria of selection are defined by the Award Committee in agreement with the Award Sponsors.

All authors will receive an award certificate. The awarding ceremony will be held during the closing ceremony of the conference.


Submitted abstracts will be evaluated by a committee of independent experts on the following criteria:

  • Submission guidelines
  • Research importance and relevance
  • Objectives and background
  • Experimental methodology
  • Presentation of results
  • Soundness of conclusions          


Experts cannot evaluate participants belonging to his/her own institution. More detailed information about the evaluation criteria for ORAL presentations can be found here and for POSTER presentations here.



  • Rui Cruz

     Rui Mariano Sousa da Cruz

    Chair - University of Algarve, Portugal

  •  Peter Mitchell

    University of Ulster, UK

  •  Rimantas Venskutonis

    Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

  •  Vasso Oreopoulou

    National Technical University Athens, Greece